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The Cruel one is back and has plans to ruin Christmas. You are an independent journalist documenting operations in Santa's workshop. You discover an intruder has broken into the workshop and has plans to get rid of Santa forever.

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The Cruel One 2 Demo.zip 384 MB

Install instructions

When the download is complete open the zip folder and move the file to a new location. Open the folder and select the file that  says (0 The Cruel One 2 Demo)

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That was a fun demo. It took me a minute to realize how you get past him but he wasn't too annoying after that haha. I'll definitely be back for the full version. Thanks for the fun!

Hello your game creator. I am iix_FranK Gaming from Youtube or calling the nickname FranK, but even though the nickname is not the same. But it's okay I am supporting this game so that your game is very good. But even though I am not very good at speaking English Like other people as much as they can speak English I am just speaking Thai. But you don't understand my language. However, I support this game is enough for you. There's no problem. Hope you are happy. I hope this game will be encouraged.

So when i run the exe file the demo just opens up to a white silhouette of the Grinch. Any idea of how to solve this issue. Did the standard redownload and so forth.

i have the same issue :(

he is back.

Game starts at 21:32. I LOVED the charm this game had. Mr. Grinch was definitely very cruel to me! I think a checkpoint system would help with this game because it was very difficult to get it into one run. However, after countless tries I finally succeeded! Love the flashing picture light aspect to move around too, that made it 12 times scarier!

Glad you enjoyed it.